• TAGGIES offer babies a generous assortment of tags which are designed to be both tactile and visually stimulating.
  • Every tag looks or feels different. No two tags are alike with each tag having either a different print or texture * This lovable, soothing fleece is large enough to keep baby covered and warm while providing sensory and tactile activity.
  • Featuring 24 vibrant tags around its border the Big TAGGIE offers baby wonderful opportunities for fun and fine motor skill development.
  • The Big Taggie Measures 18 X 18 inches (45 x 45 centimeter).
  • Machine washable.

Product Description
This handmade fleece blanket is sure to become a favorite “lovey.” It encourages your child’s visual and fine-motor development while providing a cozy, comforting object to cuddle that’s large enough to keep your baby covered and warm. Big Taggie has 24 different ribbons or “tags” around its border — thin, wide, smooth, silky, textured — all designed to stimulate tactile exploration. It features a fun print on the front with a complimentary solid color o… More >>

Big Taggie – Blue Stars