• An ideal hook for a diaper bag, purse or anything you want to hang from a stroller
  • Features a strong and lightweight aluminum hook that won’t break
  • Easy to attach with velcro strap, will not fall off
  • Deep U shape can accommodate extra wide purse/bag handles
  • No clip makes it easy to slip items on and off with only one hand

Product Description
A very popular cup holder and “everything pocket” that fits most strollers. Roomy enough for a 32 ounce/1 liter water bottle, it’s like a 3rd hand to hold drinks, keys, snacks and more. Attach by the handles for parents’ use or by the stroller seat for childs’ use. Fitted with velcro straps, it is easy to attach and detach yet creates an extremely sturdy hold that will not tip over, shake loose, or pop off. Made from a soft nylon that flattens when stroller fold… More >>

Think King Mighty Buggy Hook for Stroller, Wheelchair, Rollator, Walker, 2 Pack